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Coburg Germany

Tradition in Change

Coburg is a culturally rich city joining history and modernity to a unique city image.

For a long time, Coburg was the manor of the Dukes of Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha and served as a place to meet European aristocracy. The appearance of the city is mainly determined by the medieval architecture, castles and palaces: Palace Ehrenburg and its Palace Square, State Theatre, the Palace Edinburgh (Chamber of Commerce at Coburg, Bürglassschlösschen (registry office) and the Veste Coburg determined.Palais Edinburg and the Fortress Coburg.

The Fortress Coburg, called as Franconian Crown, rises 150 meters over the city and provides its visitors magnificent view over Coburg and its surroundings reaching to the Thuringian Forest. Even in the Thirty Years' War, the Fortress was never destroyed.

The historic restaurant Goldenes Kreuz is situated in the heart of Coburg - at the Market Square, picturesquely embedded into old architecture as half-timbered houses and Gothic buildings. The Market Square with its restored houses, beautiful fountains and idyllic green areas is a unique platform for Coburg's modern events: Palace Square Feast, Coburg's Dumpling Market, Christmas Market and the world-wide known International Samba Festival attract each year thousands of visitors.

Starting from the Goldenes Kreuz, you can reach the the most places of interest on foot. In between your sightseeing tours make a rest in our Restaurant Goldenes Kreuz!


The most attractions of Coburg are in a few minutes walk from the Restaurant Goldenes Kreuz.

For your conveniance we provide you below the detailed information on the main places of interest and the distance to them. We will be happy to serve you a Franconian dinner in between your sightseeing tours.


Many of the Coburg Events take place directly at our historic Restaurant Goldenes Kreuz. Whether for a short rest or an extensive dinner- we will be happy to serve you in our historic tavern at the Coburg Market Square.


July, 31 - August, 9 2015

Coburg Bird Shooting

This is the most traditional and the eldest folk festival of Coburg. 10 days long visitors have fun on the amusement rides and enjoy special music program and gastronomic delights.

August, 29 - August, 31 2015

Coburg Dumpling Market

In these days, the Coburg's speciality - the dumpling - reigns the city and the buzz on the market square. Coburg's guests can learn inconceivable varieties of dumpling and potatoe dishes. The dumpling festival is accompanied by music shows from jazz to folklore.

November, 11 - December, 12 2015

Coburg Christmas Market

The Coburg Christmas Market is known for its magical atmosphere. It starts with the lampion procession of the Coburg Children's Choir at the Fortress Coburg and proceeds on the Coburg Market Square.

The Christmas Market is daily from 11 a.m. till 8 p.m. (snacks and drinks till 9.30 p,m.) till the 23th of December open. The Christmas market booths offer a wide range of exclusively Chrstmas and regional products. Local artisans show their crafts and sell theirs works.The visitors can observe how basket makers, glassblower and wood carvers do theirs job.



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