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The most attractions of Coburg are in a few minutes walk from the Restaurant Goldenes Kreuz.

For your conveniance we provide you below the detailed information on the main places of interest and the distance to them. We will be happy to serve you a Franconian dinner in between your sightseeing tours.

Market Square » right in front of the restaurant

The Market Square is Cobrug's urban center. The square ensemble was build in the 15th century, seven lanes connected it to the Old Town.

The cobbled market square is a part of the pedestrian old town. Here you'll find the traditional street sausage vendors selling the Coburg's speciality "Bratwurst" - sausages grilled on well-dried pine cones in an open fire.

Each week the traditional market takes place here offering visitors regional products and Coburg's specialities. Besides, the Market Sqaure ist the plattform for many annual events such as Coburg's Dumpling Market, the Christmas Market and the International Samba Festival.

Palace Square » 290m / 4 min

The Coburg Palace Square has one of the most remarkable square designs in Bavaria. The impressive square is arranged as a forecourt to the castle Ehrenburg. It offers numerous benches and seating areas for relaxation and contemplation.

Each year in July, the Palace Square becomes a stage of the exciting gourmet festival. Visitors indulge in regional Franconian Cuisine as well as in pleasure of fine cuisine as lobster, salmon, prosecco and cocktails. Music shows, acrobats and stand-up comedians on two stages add to the colorful image of the Palace Square Festival.

Palace Ehrenburg » 140m / 2 min

In the Palace Ehrenburg, the visitors walk on the Dukes' and Kings' footsteps through the fascinating history of European nobility. The Palace, which today represents itself in the neo-Gothic facade of the 19th century, had served since 1547 as a city residence of Coburg Dukes.

The tour through the Ehrenburg Palace takes its visitors to the private rooms of its noble inhabitants.

The Highlights

  • Queen Victoria's Rooms
  • the Palace Chapel, where Johann Strauß married his third wife in 1887
  • two precious picture galleries with remarkable paintings of Lucas Cranach the Old
State Theatre » 220m / 3 min

The State Theatre, which is the former Court Theatre, is located in a monumental neoclassic buiding and impresses visitors with its breathtaking hall. The State Theatre runs year-round program with its own company - operas, operettas, musicals, plays, concerts, ballet, late night and breakfast shows aw well as children's and youth theatre.

Palais Edinburg (Bürglass-Schlösschen) » 110m / 2 min

The Edinburg Palais is situated behind the State Theatre. The palais once belonged to Friedrich Josias von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld (1737-1815). The building in the neoclassic manner houses today offices of the Mayor, the Social Services Department and the Civil Registry.

Court Garden » 290m / 4 min

The Coburg Court Garden is an impressive landscape park extending between the Fortress of Cobugr and der Palace Square. The Court Garden dates back to the Duke's reign and the Baroque epoch.

Today it is a place for relaxation, nature observation and quiet walks in gorgeous nature. Wide footpaths, beautiful and sometimes exotic trees, well-kept green, and breathtaking views of the city - all that remains long in the memory.

Fortress Coburg » 1,6km / 26 min

The Coburg Fortress is also called the "Franconian Crown" because of its beauty and dominating location. With its mighty walls and towers, the Fortress rises high above the city.

The Coburg Fortress houses extraordinary collections of the Coburg Dukes, which they collected during hundred of years.

  • Weapon Collections: armor, weapons of war, partly originating from the former armory of the fortress, hunting weapons, hunting equipment
  • Precious handicrafts: the oldest preserved carriages in the world, the great Hofstube with the largest completely preserved cast iron stove
  • Painting collection: masterpieces of Dürer, Cranach the Old and Grünewald
  • Collection of Prints and Drawings: with the 330.000 pieces it is one of the largest in Germany.
  • Luther's Rooms: Here the reformer lived half a year in 1530 under the protection the Saxon electors.

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