Goldenes Kreuz

Homemade Beer Kreuztrunk

Franconia is one of the few regions where the beer is produced in old tradition by hand. The unique kinds of beer are brewed in small family breweries, which not seldom date back to 16th-18th century. They use the old techniques and transport the old know-how to the modern craft brewing.

We are proud of our exclusive Kreuzrunk - a beer produced by the Hartmann Brewery specially for the Goldenes Kreuz. Best flavour hops, special barley and crystal clear water from the own source make up the special character of the amber coloured beer.

In every season indulge our homemade Kreuztrunk fresh from the tap. For wine lovers we have a large selection of renowned wineries.


candle light dinner

on the gallery in the courtyard

1.01.2019 – 31.12.2021

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